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Who is Resist?


Resist is a youth-led, statewide movement created to FIGHT against the tobacco industry’s influence on Kansans.
We know that we are targets for Big Tobacco Companies’ deceitful marketing tactics and we REFUSE to fall into their trap. We recognize and resist against big tobacco influences and we are DETERMINED to reduce tobacco-use rates in Kansas.


Resist advocates for the de-normalization of tobacco use among Kansas’ youth and unites communities to create one voice to stand up against the tobacco industry. Youth not only participate in tobacco control prevention activities structured by this program, but they also help design and implement them utilizing the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Best Practices for Youth Engagement. This program was designed to influence both the state and local levels of tobacco control and prevention.
Resist is made possible with the support of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the Tobacco Free Kansas Coalition.


Make a difference. Join Resist.

Get the Facts

Executive Youth Council

When we say youth-led, we mean it!

  • Are you interested in being a tobacco control leader in your community and at the state level?

  • Do you want to prevent your peers from using tobacco?

  • Do you enjoy working with youth and adults who are as passionate as you are?

  • Do you want to make a positive impact on others?

Please note that Resist is not against the tobacco user, but rather the tobacco industry. An individual who is using tobacco may apply, but he or she must be enrolled in an active cessation program and will be required to sign a pledge to follow through with the cessation program.

Meet the Council

The Resist Executive Youth Council guides the body for the Resist movement, comprising up to 15 youth, grades 8-12, with regional representation throughout the entire state. Executive council members plan, implement and participate in statewide advocacy events, activities and marketing strategies. They engage in local activism, serve as youth leaders, educate their peers on tobacco issues and empower others to start taking action! The Council’s mission is to inspire, lead and unite communities across Kansas to fight against Big Tobacco.


Alexandra is a junior from Shawnee County, KS.


Council Member

Alyssa is junior from Johnson County.


Council Member

Austin is a junior from Shawnee County, KS


Council Member

Emma is a freshman from Jackson County, KS.


Council Member

Jack is a junior from Finney County, KS.


Council Member

Kate is a sophomore from Greenwood County, KS.


Council Member

Kayley is a senior from Reno County, KS.


Council Member

Louise is a junior from Johnson County, KS.


Council Member

Olivia is a junior from Johnson County, KS.


Council Member


Tucker is an 8th grader from Wilson County, KS.


Council Member

Resist Chapters in Kansas, August 2020

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Resist works to counteract tobacco influences on Kansas’ youth. We strive to change the way people think about tobacco by making it less acceptable and less accessible. We do this by advocating to strengthen tobacco policies that affect how tobacco is sold, where it can be marketed and where it can be used. Resist members participate in activities such as community education and engagement, state wide events, data collection and media advocacy.

Anyone in Kansas who is in Middle School or High School is able to join Resist.

Complete our online registration form and a tobacco prevention staff member in your region will contact you.

Yes, Resist is a new movement in Kansas and we need your help to establish more chapters around the state! Complete our online registration form and a tobacco prevention staff in your region will put you in contact with other individuals in your area so you can collaborate on tobacco prevention initiatives. The staff will also let you know of any upcoming meetings or events so you can become active in the movement.

Resist is anti-tobacco industry, not anti-smokers. If you are a smoker, chances are you’ve fallen into Big Tobacco’s marketing trap. We understand products are addictive and we want to help you quit!

Standing Up…

…for something you believe in takes courage, and becoming part of something that makes a positive impact on others can be extremely rewarding.

Join today and become part of this powerful, youth-led movement!


Join your local RESIST movement today!

To become a Resist Chapter, fill out this form and you’ll receive a box in the mail full of swag and Resist Chapter Resources!


State, national and student-generated resources to support your RESIST efforts.

  • Kansas Vape-Free Schools Toolkit

    Created by the Tobacco Free Kansas Coalition and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Includes resources like sample policies, letters to parents and school staff, and facts about youth tobacco and e-cigarette use.

  • Webinar: JUUL, Vape, E-Cigarettes: Unifying the Tobacco Prevention Approach

    Presented by Jordan Roberts with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, this webinar was updated January 2019 and created for middle and high school personnel, parents, and community members to learn more about JUUL, vape, and e-cigarettes.

  • It's Everybody's Business

    Protecting Youth from Easy Access to Tobacco details materials and strategies to avoid sales of tobacco to Kansas youth.

  • Kansas Dept. of Health and Environment's Tobacco Use Prevention Program

    Provides information of current programs, research and statistics.

  • Electronic Cigarettes: A Toolkit to Address Policy Needs of Communities and Public Health

    This toolkit provides communities with the elements needed to include electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) in smoking and/or tobacco-related policies. The toolkit offers background data, legal language and answers to frequently asked questions to support informed decision-making.

  • Tobacco Free Kansas Coalition

    This coalition’s mission statement is to eliminate tobacco use among Kansans through advocacy, education and collaboration.

  • Best Practices User Guide: Youth Engagement - State and Community Interventions

    Introduces the best practices for engaging youth as part of a comprehensive tobacco control program in order to advance important policy and social norm changes and to “advance the fight against pro-tobacco influences.” This guide was developed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and released in 2010.

  • Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control

    Evidence-based guide to help states plan and establish effective tobacco control programs to prevent and reduce tobacco use. This updated edition describes an integrated programmatic structure for implementing interventions proven to be effective and provides levels of state investment to prevent and reduce tobacco use in each state.

  • Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids

    Provides updates on current tobacco issues and specific resources and fact sheets on tobacco use rates, taxes on tobacco, tobacco industry history and marketing techniques, etc.

  • Youth Engagement Alliance for Tobacco Control

    This Alliance seeks to strengthen youth engagement within tobacco control efforts by providing resources, networking opportunities and technical assistance to their 200+ member network by highlighting best practices and encouraging the sharing of ideas between coordinators in this line of work. This site is a great place to follow the national news focusing on tobacco prevention and youth engagement.

  • Kick Butts Day

    Sets out the framework for annual youth tobacco prevention activities.

  • The Truth Initiative

    The Truth Initiative is dedicated to achieving a culture where all youth and young adults make tobacco a thing of the past. Known previously as the American Legacy Foundation, they spread the truth about tobacco through education, policy studies and tobacco-control research, while focusing on community activism and engagement.

  • The Real Cost Campaign

    This campaign is brought to you by FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products. They created “The Real Cost” to give you what you need to know – facts based on science; facts you can judge yourself.

  • Rescue Social Change Group

    Rescue Social Change Group has focused exclusively on social change for the past 13 years. They are a behavior change marketing company who primarily works to reach youth and young adults, and sometimes to empower youth to change adult opinions and behaviors.

  • Countertobacco.org - Youth Community Engagement Activities

    Counter Tobacco’s Youth Engagement Activities help youth uncover point-of-sale (POS) issues in their communities. These activities can help tobacco advocates mobilize youth to address and curb tobacco within their neighborhoods.

  • 2015 GASO Rap

    Attached is a clip of a student radio message regarding GASO from November 2015. The students from Dodge City created and presented the rap the week leading up to November 17.

  • Youth Media Toolkit

    The Youth Media Toolkit is a guide for young people to develop their own media contacts for their tobacco control projects. The toolkit was developed with input from youth participants with the statewide youth movement against tobacco use in Kansas.

  • Youth PSAs

    Youth PSAs developed through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas Foundation: Secondhand smoke and smokefree workplace advertisements developed by TASK youth and jones huyett Partners and funded by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Kansas. Click the links below to view each ad on YouTube.

    TASK Guy PSA 

    TASK Princess PSA

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