Who is Resist?


Resist is a youth-led, statewide movement created to FIGHT against the tobacco industry’s influence on Kansans.
We know that we are targets for Big Tobacco Companies’ deceitful marketing tactics and we REFUSE to fall into their trap. We recognize and resist against big tobacco influences and we are DETERMINED to reduce tobacco-use rates in Kansas.


Resist advocates for the de-normalization of tobacco use among Kansas’ youth and unites communities to create one voice to stand up against the tobacco industry. Youth not only participate in tobacco control prevention activities structured by this program, but they also help design and implement them utilizing the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Best Practices for Youth Engagement. This program was designed to influence both the state and local levels of tobacco control and prevention.
Resist is made possible with the support of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, the Tobacco Free Kansas Coalition and the Kansas Health Foundation.

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Youth Council

When we say youth-led, we mean it!


Are you interested in being a tobacco control leader in your community and at the state level?

Do you want to prevent your peers from using tobacco?

Do you enjoy working with youth and adults who are as passionate as you are?

Do you want to make a positive impact on others?

Please note that Resist is not against the tobacco user, but rather the tobacco industry. An individual who is using tobacco may apply, but he or she must be enrolled in an active cessation program and will be required to sign a pledge to follow through with the cessation program.

Meet the Council

The Resist State Youth Council guides the body for the Resist movement, comprising up to 15 youth, grades 8-12, with regional representation throughout the entire state. Resist council members plan, implement and participate in statewide advocacy events, activities and marketing strategies. They engage in local activism, serve as youth leaders, educate their peers on tobacco issues and empower others to start taking action! The Council’s mission is to inspire, lead and unite communities across Kansas to fight against Big Tobacco.

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Standing Up…

…for something you believe in takes courage, and becoming part of something that makes a positive impact on others can be extremely rewarding.

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